Upon a Giant's Shoulder

“Open source is a giant shoulder I can stand upon,
First time in my life I find I can see so far than ever"

Jason Lee
Senior Developer

Birth and Growth

In 2009, Wilson Wu a former senior engineer of Yonyou (a publicly traded Chinese software company) and Michael Liu, a web applications enthusiast, fell in love with an Open Source project they were working on. They decided to bring the thousands of extensions of their beloved open source platforms to Chinese clients, andOSforce was born.

OSforce is short for Force of Open Source. We have been focusing on enterprise level customization of open CMS and E-Commerce from the very beginning, and our mission is to power your business innovation through the Force of Open Source!

The continual innovation of the global open source community has freed our resources from redundant fundamental framework construction and enabled us to focus our efforts onto Chinese applications, solving China-specific issues for both domestic and international clients, which effectively solved the problem of deficiency of extensions for the Chinese market. Unrelenting, like bees collecting nectar, OSforce has been incorporating the best business practices and tools from the open source world, and has made the sweetest honey of China.

Through open source companies and our own developing work, many influential clients partnered up with us: fortune 500 companies like Michelin tires, as well as Government agencies, like Shanghai statistics, and well known media, such as iTV Asia. We also signed on famous local fashion brands like Helen Lee and Urban tribe, ande-commerce startups like EZgift and Youli, and many other organization and companies. Clients'affirmation is the biggest encourage for us, and we are confident and excited about our future, for our work is new every day, full of hopes and changes. We firmly believe we are working together with client to change the world.